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This report discusses the results of the 2014 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers, particularly focusing on the section that explored Chief HR Officer (CHRO) succession. The results show that a vast majority (60%) of the CHROs were hired either from outside the organization or outside the HR function, with only 32% attaining the role through a normal internal succession process. Most outside hires suggested that the reason for the outside hire was due to a lack of sufficient internal talent. In addition, CHROs reported that they were least prepared for dealing with the board around issues of executive compensation, and that the prior assignment that was most valuable for preparing them for the CHRO role was serving as a business partner to a large business. CHROs who describe current efforts to develop an internal successor report that it requires getting the potential successor visibility with the CEO, ELT, and the board, and this usually occurs through special projects. It also requires developing their skills/experiences/perspectives through rotating the individual through difficult roles.

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