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The HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers probed 143 CHROs regarding their strategies for building the C-suite talent pipeline. CHROs reported that they place the greatest importance on practices aimed at developing this talent, followed by those focused on retaining this talent. Specifically, firms provide individuals in the C-suite talent pipeline with significant access to the senior leadership of the firm, so that these individuals can begin to understand C-suite roles and so firm leaders can assess individuals in the talent pipeline. CHROs also emphasize using stretch assignments/job rotation and special projects as means of both developing broader skills/perspectives and assessing those individuals in the pipeline regarding their potential to handle jobs of increasing scale and complexity. In addition, firms use formal assessments to identify skill gaps and behavioral styles that need to change in order to succeed in C-suite roles. The use of formal assessments for identifying those that should be entered into the talent pipeline and the development of internal executive development programs emerge as opportunity areas that firms can leverage to more effectively build the pipeline of C-suite talent.

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