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This report documents the results of the 2017 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers with regard to the present state of race and sex diversity in CEO succession pools. Based on responses of 127 Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) at large companies we find that the diversity of CEO succession pools remains far below what many would hope, both in the short- and long-term. In the 0-3 year timeframe, females and racial minorities represent only 10% and 7% of the succession pools, respectively, while in the 3-5 year timeframe these numbers only rise to 15% and 12% respectively. When compared to last year’s survey this suggests the short-term pool has decreased slightly (from 12% and 8% for females and minorities, respectively), but that the long-term pool has increased slightly (from 14% and 10%, respectively). CHROs recognize this problem as 77% report that their companies have fallen short or extremely short of their succession diversity goals compared to 70% in 2016. When asked about the obstacles to building a diverse CEO talent pipeline, CHROs responded that (a) their firm lacked a diverse talent pipeline, (b) it was difficult to get diverse candidates in the right roles, (c) their industry lacked sufficient diverse talent, and (d) they found it difficult to identify diverse talent. When asked about steps they are taking to increase the diversity of their CEO talent pipeline, answers ranged from doing nothing to making diversity a priority, identifying diverse candidates early, or accelerating the development of diverse talent.

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