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With every round of corporate scandals, Boards of Directors (BOD’s) seemingly take on new roles with regard to the governance of the corporation. Some of the accounting scandals at companies like Enron and Tyco focused BOD’s on recognizing the potential for certain executive pay designs to encourage CEOs to misreport aspects of their accounting numbers. High visibility failures of CEOs at companies such as HP drove BOD’s attention toward their need to exhibit more due diligence in CEO succession. The collapse of the financial industry, driving the “Great Recession” of 2007-09, increasingly drew their attention both to risk and to those leaders who might have positioned their firms with risky portfolios. These developments have brought boards into the realm of human capital management. CEO pay, CEO succession, and the war for talent have moved to the top of the board agenda, and consequently, increased the visibility and importance of the Chief HR Officer (CHRO) to the board. This report, based on the HR@Moore Survey responses of 131 CHROs, reports the current state of how CHROs interface with the BOD.

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