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The 2019 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers examined a number of aspects of executive leadership teams (ELTs), including team composition, the frequency with which CEOs meet with the whole team and individual members, team cohesion, and how the CHRO assesses problems that might exist within these teams. In terms of composition, our results showed that the average ELT size was 10.6 members, with 75% of ELT members being male, and only 16% of members from underrepresented groups. Just under half of CEOs tend to meet with the entire ELT on a weekly basis, with 25% meeting every two weeks and 24% meeting every month. CEOs formally meet with CFOs, COOs, and CHROs the most frequently, with over half meeting daily or weekly. CEOs meet informally with CFOs (75%), COOs (63%), and CHROs (60%) far more frequently than the formal meetings. In terms of ELT cohesion, our results indicate that most teams seem to get along professionally, but that they generally do not seem to form more personal bonds. Specific conclusions about how teams are building cohesion are inconclusive. Finally, CHROs tend to work with the CEO to assess the ELT’s effectiveness as well as to diagnose the potential causes of a lack of high performance. The causes tend to be a lack of alignment, poor communication, or a lack of trust among ELT members. Solving these problems tends to be accomplished through more clearly communicating goals and agreeing on basic principles for how the ELT should operate.

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