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Nitrate reductase (NR) activity increased up to 14-fold in response to treatment of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings with the cytokinin benzyladenine. NR induction was observed in seedlings germinated directly on cytokinin-containing medium, seedlings transferred to cytokinin medium, and seedlings grown in soil in which cytokinin was applied directly to the leaves. About the same level of induction was seen in both wild-type and Nia2-deletion mutants, indicating that increased NR activity is related to the expression of the minor NR gene, Nia1. The steady-state Nia1 mRNA level was increased severalfold in both wild-type and mutant seedlings after benzyladenine treatment. Transcript levels of the Nia2 gene, which is responsible for 90% of the NR activity in developing wild-type seedlings, did not show any changes upon cytokinin treatment. Nuclear run-on assays demonstrated that Nia1 gene transcription increased dramatically after cytokinin treatment.

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Yu, X., Sukumaran, S., & Márton, L. (1998). Differential Expression of the Arabidopsis Nia1 and Nia2 Genes: Cytokinin-Induced Nitrate Reductase Activity Is Correlated With Increased Nia1 Transcription and mRNA Levels. Plant Physiology, 116(3), 1091–1096.

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