Associated Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of IGF2 Gene’s Exon 8 with Growth Traits in Wuzhishan Pig

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Molecular Biology


A new SNP located in IGF-2 gene of Wuzhishan pig was detected while a C → T silent mutation at position 17 of exon 8 was detected by Single-Strand Conformational Polymorphism (SSCP). The value of polymorphism information content (PIC) indicated that this locus had intermediate polymorphism information content (0.25 < PIC < 0.5). The results of the fitness of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium was in disequilibrium (P < 0.01). SAS analysis together with the multiple comparisons between polymorphisms and growth traits showed that: the differences of carcass weight (P = 0.024), withers height (P = 0.037) and chest girth (P = 0.025) in 10-month-old generation group were very remarkable.