Effects of Nutrition Level of Concentrate-Based Diets on Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Hainan Black Goats

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Animal Sciences, Nutrition


This study assessed the effects of different nutrition levels of diets on growth performance and carcass characteristics of Hainan black goat. Twenty-four goats were divided into six diet treatments, which consisted of two levels of crude protein (CP; 15 and 17 %) and three levels of digestive energy (DE; 11.72, 12.55, and 13.39 MJ/kg). The results revealed that 17 % CP significantly (P < 0.05) increased ADG and improved FCR compared with 15 % CP. Therefore, the CP levels of diet affected growth performance. CP and DE levels in the diet had no significant effects (P > 0.05) on carcass characteristics of the goats. The mRNA expression levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 in muscle tissues increased with increasing CP and DE levels (P < 0.05).