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We consider a topological space ⟨𝑋, 𝜏 (ℱ)⟩, where 𝑋 = {𝑝 ∗} ∪ [𝜔 Å~ 𝜔] and ℱ ⊆ 𝜔𝜔. Each point in 𝜔 Å~ 𝜔 is isolated and a neighborhood of 𝑝∗ has the form {𝑝∗}∪{⟨𝑖, 𝑗⟩ : 𝑖 ≥ 𝑛, 𝑗 ≥ 𝑓(𝑖)} for some 𝑛 ∈ 𝜔 and 𝑓 ∈ ℱ. We show that there are subsets ℱ and 𝒢 of 𝜔𝜔 such that ℱ is not bounded, 𝒢 is bounded, yet ⟨𝑋, 𝜏 (ℱ)⟩ and ⟨𝑋, 𝜏 (𝒢)⟩ are homeomorphic. This answers a question of the second author posed in A space topologized by functions from 𝜔 to 𝜔, [Topology Proc. 34 (2009), 161–166].