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This volume consists of four parts: the Presented Papers (Part 1) and the Historical Archaeology Forums (Parts 2-4). The volume is edited by Stanley South of the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology.


Preface-The Chairman's Report - Stanley South.....ii

Part 1: Presented Papers.....1
Parallels in the Rise of the Various Subfields of Historical Archaeology - Robert L. Schuyler.....2
Fort Loudoun Excavations: 1975 Season - Carl Cuttruff and Beverly Bastian.....11
The Historical Archaeology of a French Fishing Settlement In Gaspe (Quebec), 1713-1758 - Jean-Francois Blanchette.....24
Eighteenth Century French Contact Sites in North-Central Oklahoma - Byron Sudbury.....50
The Last of the Square-Rigged Windjammers - Floyd Painter.....55
Trade Goods from the Trigg Site, Radford, Virginia - Howard A. MacCord.....60
Historic Trade Bells - Ian W. Brown.....69

Part 2: Historical Archaeology Forum
Brer Rabbit, Skunks, and the Devil: The Dollar-Schuyler Debate.....83
"The Devil Loose Amongst Us," or, Some Observations on the Historical Accuracy of Certain Historical Archaeology - Clyde D. Dollar.....84
The Written Word, the Spoken Word, Observed Behavior and Preserved Behavior: The Various Contexts Available to the Archaeologist - Robert L. Schuyler.....99
Comment on Schuyler's Rejoinder - Clyde D. Dollar.....121
Final Reply to Dollar - Robert L. Schuyler.....124

Part 3: Historical Archaeology Forum
The Methodological Frontier in Historical Archaeology.....128
Introduction - Kenneth E. Lewis.....129
Intrasite Sampling in the Archeological Record: The Discovery Phase at Camden - Kenneth E. Lewis.....131
Regional Data in Historic Archeology: Examples from Environmental Impact Surveys - John H. House.....140
Archeology at Brattonsville and King's Mountain, S.C.: A Study in Sociocultural Variability - Richard F. Carrillo.....152
Pattern Recognition in Historical Archeology - Stanley South.....153
An Historical Experiment in Anthropological Settlement - Albert F. Bartovics.....156

Part 4: Historical Archaeology Forum
Neighings, Brayings, and Quack, Quack, About A Man Called Horse: The Dollar-Thurman Debate.....165
Brayings About Horse: The Thurman-Howard Debate on Filmed Ethnohistory - Clyde D. Dollar.....166
Filmed Plains Ethnohistory Revisited: The Devaluation (Proper Evaluation) of Dollar - Melburn D. Thurman.....183
Dollar's Reply - Clyde D. Dollar.....224
The Phoenix - Melburn D. Thurman.....230

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The South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology--University of South Carolina




Excavations, Archaeology



The Conference on Historic Site Archaeology Papers 1975 - Volume 10

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