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During March and April, 1974, the Institute of Archeology and Anthropology, University of South Carolina conducted an archeological reconnaissance of the proposed Cooper River Rediversion Project in Berkeley County, South Carolina. As a result, forty-four sites were located and two of these, the Platt Site (38BK76) and the Keller Site (38BK83), were tested. A breakdown of site locations was made according to environmental zones. Site components indicate prehistoric occupation of the project area from the Archaic through the Woodland Periods and historic occupation from the late eighteenth century to the present. All but five of these sites are in danger of being destroyed during the construction or as a result of the proposed project. Testing of the sites located in the Santee Swamp (38BK114, 38BK115, 38BK116, 38BK117) along with the levee on either side of Mattassee Lake is recommended. The complete excavation of the Platt Site (38BK76) and both the Keller Sites (38BK83 and 38BK84) is also recommended. The recommendation for further work on the sites located in the area of the proposed powerhouse (38BK73, 38BK74, 38BK75, 38BK109, 38BK110) is as follows: after removal of the topsoil, features should be mapped and then salvaged. In addition, if the level of the Santee River is going to be raised as a result of the project, the Santee River Basin below the project area should be completely surveyed.

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The South Carolina Institute of Archeology and Anthropology--University of South Carolina




Cooper River, Santee River, Berkeley County, South Carolina, Archeology




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An Archeological Reconnaissance of the Proposed Cooper River Rediversion Project, Berkeley County, South Carolina

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