A Source Area Perspective on Expedient and Formal Core Technologies

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The Hollister Lake site represents a combined quarry and habitation area located in the Hudson River valley, New York. Excavations at the site revealed the exploitation of Onondaga chert through several time periods, predominately the Late Archaic. Lithic production at the Hollister Lake site seems to have been oriented toward both an expedient amorphous core technology and a formal biface core technology. The interdependence of these technologies is explored with respect to regional patterns of group mobility, and raw material distribution and quality.

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Cobb, C. (1994). A Source Area Perspective on Expedient and Formal Core Technologies. North American Archaeologist, 15, 197–219. https://doi.org/10.2190/YYFN-QLM5-FHPU-4VEY


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