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The review presented in this Report is a brief summary of the varied activities of the Institute between January 1, 1976 and June 30. 1977. It is the first of a series of "annual reports" and, though it covers more than a year, it provides a representative crosssection of the kinds of activities that have been a part of the Institute's daily life for approximately nine years.


The Institute of Archeology and Anthropology.....p. 1
Prehistoric Programs of Study.....p. 7
The Historical Archeology Program.....p. 9
The Environmental Impact Archeology Program.....p. 11
The Highway Archeology Program.....p. 13
The Underwater Archeology Program.....p. 15
Other Programs and Activities.....p. 17
Appendix A - Institute Staff.....p. 21
Appendix B - Publications and Manuscripts.....p. 25
Appendix C - Talks and Community Service.....p. 33
Appendix D - Papers Presented.....p. 39
Appendix E - Research Manuscript Series.....p. 43

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