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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Edward Callen

Second Advisor

Meredith Elzy


The purpose of this study was to investigate generalization of reinstated fear effects to a discrete stimulus. McAllister and McAllister (2006) reported that reinstated fear could generalize over time to similar contexts. The present study aimed to determine if reinstated fear could generalize to similar or different stimuli than conditioning after a long delay between reinstatement and testing. Rat subjects were randomly assigned to six groups (n = 10) which received conditioning and extinction to a 3000 Hz tone. Reinstatement conditioning was then conducted with either the same, similar, or different CS as used in conditioning. Testing for reinstated fear with the original CS was conducted after either a short or long delay following reinstatement. Reinstated fear was measured by freezing responses during the target stimulus. The results indicated support for an increase in generalization of reinstated CS fear, as well as evidence for an incubation effect for fear reinstated to the same CS. The clinical applications of these results are discussed.