Submissions from 2014

Victims' Psychosocial Well-Being After Reporting Sexual Harassment in the Military, Margret E. Bell, Amy E. Street, and Jane Stafford

Submissions from 2011

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Intimate Relationship Problems: A Meta-Analysis, Casey T. Taft, Laura Watkins, Jane Stafford, Amy E. Street, and Candice M. Monson

Submissions from 2008


Sexual Harassment Experiences and Harmful Alcohol Use in a Military Sample: Differences in Gender and the Mediating Role of Depression, Jaimie L. Gradus, Amy E. Street, Kacie Kelly, and Jane Stafford


Sexual Harassment and Assault Experienced by Reservists During Military Service: Prevalence and Health Correlates, Amy E. Street, Jane Stafford, Clare M. Mahan, and Ann Hendricks

Submissions from 2007

Gender Differences in Experiences of Sexual Harassment: Data From a Male-Dominated Environment, Amy E. Street, Jaimie L. Gradus, Jane Stafford, and Kacie Kelly

Attitudes Toward Women and Tolerance for Sexual Harassment Among Military Personnel, Dawne Vogt, Tamara Bruce, Amy E. Street, and Jane Stafford

Submissions from 2005

Predicting Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Persian Gulf War Veterans: What Role Do PTSD Symptoms Play?, Jillian C. Shipherd, Jane Stafford, and Lynlee R. Tanner

Submissions from 2003


Sexual Harassment, Amy E. Street, Jane Stafford, and Tamara A. Bruce

Submissions from 2002

Defining Hypnosis as a Trance vs. Cooperation: Hypnotic Inductions, Suggestibility, and Performance Standards, Steven J. Lynn, Holly Vanderhoff, Kelley Shindler, and Jane Stafford

Cultural Scripts, Memories of Childhood Abuse, and Multiple Identities: A Study of Role-Played Enactments, Jane Stafford and Steven J. Lynn

Submissions from 2001

The Evaluation of a Sexual Assault Risk Reduction Program: A Multisite Investigation, Christine A. Gidycx, Steven J. Lynn, Cindy L. Rich, Nichole L. Marioni, Catherine Loh, Lisa M. Blackwell, Jane Stafford, Rachel Fite, and Joanna Pashdag

Submissions from 1998

Relationship Between Trauma Narratives and Trauma Pathology, Nader Amir, Jane Stafford, Melinda S. Freshman, and Edna Foa

Submissions from 1997

Memory in the Hall of Mirrors: The Experience of "Retractors" in Psychotherapy, Steven J. Lynn, Jane Stafford, Peter Malinosky, and Judith Pintar