Student-Veteran Oral History Project


Aaron Price Interview

Narrator Name

Aaron Price

Streaming Media

Interviewer Name

Hunter Daniels and Adam Kimsey

Context for Interview

This interview was part of the University of South Carolina Aiken’s Student-Veteran Oral History Project. The goal of the interview was to gain understanding of the background and lifestyles of a military veteran and inquire as to how they have transitioned to college—and civilian life, in a broader sense—after they left the military.

Brief Description of Interview

The interview touches on Mr. Price’s reasons for his enlistment, the reaction from his family, the challenges of basic training, and the specific training he received for his service in the Air Force Security Forces in Misawa, Japan, and Aviano, Italy. The interview also discusses Mr. Price’s reasons for leaving the military and his feelings on being a civilian again.

Duration of Interview

55 min

Date of Birth



Aiken, SC



Dates of Service


Branch/Units of Service

Air Force

Theaters/Locations of Service

35th Security Forces, Misawa, Japan; 31st Security Forces, Aviano, Italy

Highest Rank Attained

E-5/Staff Sergeant

Major Course of Study


Previous College/University Experience

Community College of the Air Force

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Price Transcript

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