Student-Veteran Oral History Project


Brett Fessler Interview

Narrator Name

Brett Fessler

Streaming Media

Interviewer Name

Brittany Smith; Assistant: Kyri Simmons

Context for Interview

Brett Fessler volunteered to be one of the interviewees for Dr. Higbee’s ENGL 468: Oral History course. A series of interviews were conducted by Dr. Higbee’s students in order to study the transition made by student-veterans from the military to college.

Brief Description of Interview

The interview focuses on Fessler’s military experience and his transition to college afterwards. Fessler briefly discusses his family life, and after high school, he enrolled in Northern Kentucky University and then the University of Cincinnati, earning his certification in paramedicine, and he eventually worked as a paramedic and EMT. Later, Fessler became a volunteer firefighter, but after a few years of firefighting he realized that he would not become a paid firefighter, so he joined the Army in 2010. He jumped out of planes and drove a Humvee at Ft. Bragg, NC. He also met his wife during this time. After Fessler got out of the Army, he enjoyed some time to himself before enrolling at the University of South Carolina, Aiken, becoming a nursing major. He plans to pursue his masters after he graduates and also hopes that his family will grow. Brett thinks that USCA’s Student Veteran Success Center does an excellent job accommodating veterans and he believes that other schools should follow USCA’s example.

Location of Interview


Duration of Interview

30 min

Date of Birth



Ft. Thomas, KY



Dates of Service


Branch/Units of Service

Army, 82nd Airborne

Theaters/Locations of Service

Ft. Bragg, NC

Highest Rank Attained


Major Course of Study


Previous College/University Experience

Northern Kentucky Univ., Univ. of Cincinnati

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