Lognormality: An Open Window on Neuromotor Control


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This invited special session of IGS 2023 presents the works carried out at Laboratoire Scribens and some of its collaborating laboratories. It summarises the 17 talks presented in the colloquium #611 entitled « La lognormalité: une fenêtre ouverte sur le contrôle neuromoteur» (Lognormality: a window opened on neuromotor control), at the 2023 conference of the Association Francophone pour le Savoir (ACFAS) on May 10, 2023. These talks covered a wide range of subjects related to the Kinematic Theory, including key elements of the theory, some gesture analysis algorithms that have emerged from it, and its application to various fields, particularly in biomedical engineering and human-machine interaction.

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Plamondon, R., Bensalah, A., Lebel, K., Salameh, R., Séguin de Broin, G., O’Reilly, C., Begon, M., Desbiens, O., Beloufa, Y., Guy, A., Berio, D., Leymarie, F. F., Boyoguéno-Bidias, S.-P., Fischer, A., Zhang, Z., Morin, M.-F., Alamargot, D., Rémi, C., Faci, N., … Bazinet, C. (2023). Lognormality: An open window on neuromotor control. In A. Parziale, M. Diaz, & F. Melo (Eds.), Graphonomics in Human Body Movement. Bridging Research and Practice from Motor Control to Handwriting Analysis and Recognition (pp. 205–258). Springer Nature Switzerland.