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computer science, metaverse, industrial application, industrial design


While the term Metaverse was first coined by the author Neal Stephenson in 1992 in his science fiction novel “Snow Crash”, today the vision of an integrated virtual world is becoming a reality across different sectors. Applications in gaming and consumer products are gaining traction, industrial metaverse applications are, still in their early stages of development with one of the challenges being interoperability across various metaverse development platforms and existing software tools. In this work we propose the use of a knowledge graph based semantic data exchange layer, the Metaverse Knowledge Graph, to enable seamless transfer of information across platforms. We discuss how this approach addresses the challenge of interoperability and leads to better interactivity and synchronization across tools.

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Jaimini, U., Zhang, T., & Brikis, G. O. (2022). MetaverseKG: Knowledge graph for engineering and design application in industrial Metaverse. ISWC: 21st International Semantic Web Conference.