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Plamondon: 0000-0002-4903-7539

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Biomedical Engineering


Motor skills are fundamental for the development of children. Neurodevelopmental tests currently used by professionals for measuring motor control maturity exhibit several limitations. To address some of these, we have designed the Lognometer, a tablet-based device that can run computerized neuromotor tests. To normalize this tool against a representative population, we collected handwritten triangles from 780 children. We used the Sigma-Lognormal model and a prototype-based parameter estimation algorithm to analyze these movements. To ensure clinical acceptance, we developed an explainable solution relying on statistical regression. We evaluated how well the proposed lognormal decomposition captures the motor control maturation between 6 to 13 years of age by plotting the biological age versus the age estimated using movement kinematics. To provide an equivalent to growth curves, we further overlaid percentile lines that can be used by clinicians to evaluate the neuromotor development of children.

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O'Reilly, C., Plamondon, R., & Faci, N. (2022). The Lognometer: A new normalized and computerized device for assessing the neurodevelopment of fine motor control in children. 26th International Conference on Pattern Recognition. [Post-print]

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