A Fault Tolerant Workflow Composition and Deployment Automation IoT Framework in a Multi Cloud Edge Environment

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Internet of Things, Cloud Computing


With rapid increasing of Internet of Things infrastructures including cloud, edge and IoT devices, the importance of system availability, safety, reliability and maintainability become crucial in IoT application implementation processes. Fault-tolerance which refers runtime fault detection and recovery is considered as a primary method to provide continuous reliable services in IoT environments. This paper introduces a novel IoT fault-tolerance model that offers self-detection and automatic recovery to increase application reliability. Based on this model, an IoT fault-tolerant workflow composition and deployment automation system is proposed to overcome infrastructure level failure in heterogeneous IoT environments. This system leverages a layered architecture and a time-dependent failure model to offer deployment automation and infrastructure recovering. The efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed system is validated and evaluated in a real-world IoT application.

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Almurshed, O., Rana, O., Li, Y., Ranjan, R., Jha, D. N., Patel, P., Jayaraman, P. P., & Dustdar, S. (2021). A fault tolerant workflow composition and deployment automation IoT framework in a multi cloud edge environment. IEEE Internet Computing, 01.