How To Make Linked Data More than Data

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The LOD cloud has a potential for applicability in many AI-related tasks, such as open domain question answering, knowledge discovery, and the Semantic Web. An important prerequisite before the LOD cloud can enable these goals is allowing its users (and applications) to effectively pose queries to and retrieve answers from it. However, this prerequisite is still an open problem for the LOD cloud and has restricted it to 'merely more data.' To transform the LOD cloud from 'merely more data' to 'semantically linked data' there are plenty of open issues which should be addressed. We believe this transformation of the LOD cloud can be performed by addressing the shortcomings identified by us: lack of conceptual description of datasets, lack of expressivity, and difficulties with respect to querying.

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Jain, P., Sheth, A. P., Verma, K., Hitzler, P., & Yeh, P. Z. (2010). How To Make Linked Data More than Data.