Semantics Enhanced Services: METEOR-S, SAWSDL and SA-REST

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Services Research Lab at the Knoesis center and the LSDIS lab at University of Georgia have played a significant role in advancing the state of research in the areas of workflow management, semantic Web services and service oriented computing. Starting with the METEOR workflow management system in the 90's, researchers have addressed key issues in the area of semantic Web services and more recently, in the domain of RESTful services and Web 2.0. In this article, we present a brief discussion on the various contributions of METEOR-S including SAWSDL, publication and discovery of semantic Web services, data mediation, dynamic configuration and adaptation of Web processes. We finally discuss our current and future research in the area of RESTful services.

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Sheth, A. P., Gomadam, K., & Ranabahu, A. H. (2008). Semantics Enhanced Services: METEOR-S, SAWSDL and SA-REST. Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Data Engineering, 31 (3), 8-12.