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Online platforms have been increasingly misused by ill-intentioned actors, affecting our society, often leading to real-world events of social significance. On the other hand, recog-nizing the narratives related to harmful behaviors is challeng-ing due to its complex and sensitive nature. The Cyber SocialThreats Workshop 2020 aimed to stimulate research for thechallenges on methodological and ethical considerations indeveloping novel approaches to analyze online harmful con-versations, concerning social, cultural, emotional, commu-nicative, and linguistic aspects. It provided a forum to bringtogether researchers and practitioners from both academiaand industry in the areas of computational social sciences, so-cial network analysis and mining, natural language process-ing, computational linguistics, human-computer interaction,and cognitive scientists to present their related, fundamentalresearch and emerging applications, to exchange ideas andexperiences, and to identify new opportunities for collabora-tion.

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Kursuncu, U., Mejova, Y., Blackburn, J., & Sheth, A. (2020). Cyber Social Threats 2020 Workshop Meta-report: COVID-19, Challenges, Methodological and Ethical Considerations. Workshop Proceedings of the 14th International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, ICWSM.