LSDIS: Large Scale Distributed Information Systems Lab

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The LSDIS (Large Scale Distributed Information Systems) lab was established in 1994 with the guidance and direction provided by Dr. Amit P. Sheth with the help of Dr. John A. Miller and Dr. Krzysztof J. Kochut. In 1998 this faculty group was further strengthened by the addition of Dr. Ismailcem B. Arpinar. LSDIS is the largest research group in Computer Science at UGA and one of the strongest in its area. During Fall 2004, it is funding 15 students (majority of them PhD), and has one research staff.

Over the years LSDIS has been actively involved in research projects in the areas of Databases, Workflows, Information Integration, Web Services and the Semantic Web initiative. Students working in the lab frequently do internships in industry during their study, participate in international conferences and are aggressively pursued by potential employers. This trend has lead to several long-lasting collaborations with industry partners. Through its collaborations with industry partners, the lab is able to achieve significant technology transfer. Boeing, MCC, LGERCA and Hewlett Packard Labs have joined the LSDIS Lab as industry sponsor/affiliates in the past. More recently there has been collaboration with IBM T.J. Watson and NLM.

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Sheth, A. P. (2004). LSDIS: Large Scale Distributed Information Systems Lab. AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin, 1 (3), 75-82.