Fitted Q-Learning for Relational Domains

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Reinforcement Learning, First Order Logic


We consider the problem of Approximate Dynamic Program- ming in relational domains. Inspired by the success of fit- ted Q-learning methods in propositional settings, we develop the first relational fitted Q-learning algorithms by represent- ing the value function and Bellman residuals. When we fit the Q-functions, we show how the two steps of Bellman op- erator; application and projection steps can be performed us- ing a gradient-boosting technique. Our proposed framework performs reasonably well on standard domains without using domain models and using fewer training trajectories.

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Das, S., Natarajan, S., Roy, K., Parr, R., & Kersting, K. (2020). Fitted Q-Learning for Relational Domains. arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.05595.