A Domain Specific Language for Enterprise Grade Cloud-Mobile Hybrid Applications

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Cloud computing has changed the technology landscape by offering flexible and economical computing resources to the masses. However, vendor lock-in makes the migration of applications and data across clouds an expensive proposition. The lock-in is especially serious when considering the new technology trend of combining cloud with mobile devices.

In this paper, we present a domain specific language (DSL) that is purposely created for generating hybrid applications spanning across mobile devices as well as computing clouds. We propose a model-driven development process that makes use of a DSL to provide sufficient programming abstractions over both cloud and mobile features. We describe the underlying domain modeling strategy as well as the details of our language and the tools supporting our approach.

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Ranabahu, A. H., Maximilien, E. M., Sheth, A. P., & Thirunarayan, K. (2011). A Domain Specific Language for Enterprise Grade Cloud-Mobile Hybrid Applications. Proceedings of the Compilation of the Co-Located Workshops on DSM'11, TMC'11, AGERE!'11, AOOPES'11, NEAT'11, & VMIL'11, 77-84.