A Systematic Property Mapping using Category Hierarchy and Data

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Relationships play a key role in Semantic Web to connect the dots between entities (concepts or instances in a way that enables to absorb the real sense of the entities. Even though relationships are important, it is difficult to categorize or identify them because they consist of complex knowledge in the schema. Therefore systematically identifying relationships yield many advantages and open doors for new research avenues. In this work, we try to identify a specific type of relationship (part of) in a multi-domain dataset and devised an algorithm using Wikipedia to identify patterns of part of relationships in the dataset. This paper is based on some in progress initial work based on identifying part of relationships.

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Gunaratna, K., Lalithsena, S., Jain, P., Henson, C. A., & Sheth, A. P. (2011). A Systematic Property Mapping using Category Hierarchy and Data. .