Metal Carbides as Alternative Electrocatalyst Supports

Mustain E William, University of South Carolina - Columbia

© ACS Catalysis, 2013, American Chemical Society.

William E, Mustain (2013). Metal Carbides as Alternative Electrocatalyst Supports. ACS Catalysis, 3(6), 1184-1194.


Transition metal carbides (TMCs) have attracted a significant amount of attention over the past few years as electrocatalyst support materials. TMCs are interesting because of their similar electronic structures to noble metals near the Fermi level (i.e., WC and Pt), which can promote electron transfer between the catalyst and its support—to enhance the stability of supported Pt nanoparticles as well as enhance its intrinsic activity for select reactions. This perspective article summarizes both theoretical and experimental results for Pt catalysts supported by TMCs for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) to explore the interaction mechanism of the catalysts and the carbide supports. The strategies to improve the present carbide supports for HER and ORR are also discussed, which is expected to shed light on future development of TMC electrocatalyst supports.