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Spring 2011



The Thomas Cooper Medal ..... p.1
Society’s Annual Meeting Features Cooper Medal Award to Larry McMurtry..... p.1
Report from the President..... p.2
Letter from the Dean of Libraries..... p.3
Thomas Cooper Society Events of 2010–2011..... p.3
The English Bible: An Exhibition for the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the King James Bible, 1611..... p.4
Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections Notable Gifts and Acquisitions for 2009-2011..... p.6
Library Receives Camilla Urso Collection..... p.9
Hemingway Collection Augmented through Hallman Fund Purchases..... p.9
Irvin Department Provides Materials and Services to Many Constituents..... p.9
Beyond Domesticity: U.S. Women Writers, 1770–1915..... p.10
In Memoriam: Prof. Trevor Howard-Hill and Mrs Josie Irvin..... p.10
Upcoming Events and Exhibits..... p.12
A New Treasures Acquisition Purchase: History of the Mexican Railway..... p.12
Volunteers Provide Valuable Services..... p.12
Prominent Dealer in Maps and Natural History Engravings Speaks in the Hollings Library..... p.13
Manuscripts Scholar Presents Seminar and Lecture on the Medieval Bible..... p.14
Leonard Marcus Helps Library Celebrate Augusta Baker Anniversary..... p.14
Teaching and Research with Rare Books and Archives..... p.15
“Books Are Weapons in the War of Ideas”..... p.16
Thomas Cooper Society Officers, 2010–2011..... p.16
Thomas Cooper Society Board Members, 2010–2011..... p.16



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