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Weight-for-height and height-for-age data were compared for preschool-age Haitian children enrolled in a community health and nutrition intervention programme and children measured in the Haiti national nutrition survey of 1978. Cross-sections of the longitudinal data of the intervention programme corresponding to the season when the national survey was conducted (May to September) were chosen for the three years of available programme data (1969, 1970, 1971). Significantly less stunting was found in children in the 1970 and 1971 intervention group than in the children covered by the national survey. Tests of trend also showed that the height (or length) status of the children in the intervention programme improved from 1969 to 1971. Wasting, or low weight status, was in general not significantly different in any of the comparisons. Nevertheless, the data were more favourable to children in the intervention groups, even in 1970, a year of food shortages. The results of the comparison are consistent with a positive programme effect.

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