Date of Award

Summer 2021

Degree Type


Director of Thesis

Michael Stoeltzner

Second Reader

Thomas Vogt


The disciplinarity of science and the future of interdisciplinarity in science is deeply connected with understanding the scope of scientific practice as well as the demarcation and organization of scientific disciplines. These topics, explored through the structure of their subjects, theories, methods, and interpretation, lead to the conclusion that science and its disciplines are largely defined by the integration of philosophical principles into the ethos of the practices rather than by any specific criteria. The ways in which different disciplines behave and interpret philosophies impact how those disciplines are organized and categorized, resulting in deep philosophical and perspective divides between disciplines. As a result of these conclusions, it can be asserted that interdisciplinary research faces many challenges. To combat the discipline divides, careful consideration of the philosophical discipline differences and the limited perspective of individual disciplines is required. Additionally, interdisciplinary research might consider viewing the disciplines as philosophically and socially unique, as well as equally valid and scientific, in order to effectively collaborate on interdisciplinary science and continue interdisciplinary science through time.

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