Date of Award

Spring 2021

Degree Type



Public Health

Director of Thesis

Dr. David Simmons

Second Reader

Dr. Rajeev Bais


Migrants and refugees are an often-neglected specialized population in the field of healthcare, although making up over 14% of the world’s population.

The following paper examines the current state of migrant healthcare, including but not limited to ease of access, quality of care, and the accompanying stigmatization of immigrants in general. It then analyzes current policies, both national and global, influencing the healthcare of immigrants in both the United States and abroad. Finally, a comparison of migrant healthcare in the United States versus Thailand shows how the current U.S. healthcare system can be improved to better accommodate migrants and refugees.

Research was conducted using peer-reviewed articles, popular sources, government documents, and interviews with professionals working with immigrant populations. Those interviewed include:

  • Eduardo Reyes, Manager of the Spanish Catholic Center in Silver Spring, MD, a medical clinic providing services to primarily uninsured Latino immigrants.
  • Dr. Christopher Dunford, a physician at the Spanish Catholic Center

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