Date of Award

Spring 2020

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Director of Thesis

Dr. Bret Kloos

Second Reader

Dr. Catherine Keyser


Homelessness is a nuanced social issue that affects every demographic in a community. My final thesis has developed from two main components, a creative project and a research paper, to better understand this multifaceted topic. The creative project was an art-based event to raise both awareness and funds for a local homeless shelter in Columbia, South Carolina. The project was completed in partnership with Transitions Homeless Center and the University of South Carolina. By working with Transitions, I became more aware of the current state of homelessness in South Carolina and of different methods that can continue to mitigate the prevalence of homelessness in the state. The second part of my thesis focuses on one such solution, Housing First. The research component of my thesis is a summary and explanation of the published literature on the Housing First Model, one of the most effective solutions at mitigating homelessness. My paper provides an overview of the model, the benefits and drawbacks of Housing First, and how the model has been implemented in the city of Columbia over the past decade. My thesis concludes with a personal reflection of how these two components together have helped to inform my current understanding of homelessness and to influence decisions for my future career.

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