Date of Award

Spring 2020

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Moore School of Business

Director of Thesis

Dr. David Hudgens

Second Reader

Dr. Nancy Buchan


The counter marketing strategy of the truth® campaign is unique. They use a voice that does not talk down to the teens in their target market; instead, they talk to teens in their own voice. Throughout this paper, I work to determine the effectiveness of the truth campaign’s counter marketing strategy. I do this through my own research, in which I utilize a survey and two focus groups, in addition to secondary research. As many of the studies I looked at were from the time of the launch of truth®, conducting my own research allowed me to gain a better understanding of truth® and the effects of the campaign today. This research is more important than ever before as youth smoking rates have once again increased due to the introduction of e-cigarettes. Research supports my hypothesis that truth® has been effective, but it is important that they continue this success and tailor their strategy to combat the ever-changing tobacco industry.

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