Date of Award

Spring 2020

Degree Type



School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

Director of Thesis

David Shields

Second Reader

Walter Jackson


This thesis explores the current and future status of authentic barbeque in the State of South Carolina. It begins by introducing the topic, exploring the background of barbeque in the state, and then introduces the issues at hand – the importance of advertising the restaurants and the impending question of age of the restaurants’ owners, operators, and pitmasters. In the literature review, the issues are given background and the typical authentic barbeque restaurant is described. Five restaurants are examined in the methodology and research, selected due to their locations in each of the regions of South Carolina (Midlands, Lowcountry, Upstate, Pee Dee). In their examinations, a description of the restaurant, its history, its cooking processes, its sides, and general observations regarding the geographical location, the sourcing for the restaurant, gender roles, seating, issues of legislation, and advertising are detailed. Photographs are provided in the final pages of the thesis to provide context to both the locations and the offerings. The argument addresses the primary issues, offers potential solutions, and addresses counterarguments. The thesis concludes by putting the argument in perspective of the historical context of barbeque in South Carolina and proposing the changes that must be undertaken to continue the traditions of this style of cooking.

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