Date of Award

Spring 2020

Degree Type


Director of Thesis

Casey Goldston Giraudy, MEd, EdD

Second Reader

Sondra Berger, Ph.D.


As the United States population demographic shifts and the baby boomer population enters seniority, the health sector must adjust and prepare to provide efficient and adequate healthcare to the people. The Silver Tsunami, a metaphor for the expected wave of aging adults, will inevitably strain healthcare professionals and can be partly relieved by promoting risk-minimizing behavior in baby boomers before severe conditions develop. Through this effort, a health education course, titled First Aid and Emergency Preparedness, was developed and taught twice at a local senior center to target senior citizens and promote proactivity and healthy behaviors. Course development founded largely on existing literature specific to the target population, led to the creation of a curriculum consisting of four units: (1) Fall Prevention, (2) Pharmacology, (3) Burn Care, and (4) Identifying Medical Emergencies. The workshops were delivered with supplementary handouts, resources and demonstrations to promote proactivity and information retention. The seminars were then evaluated based on knowledge gained, self-reported perceptions of preparedness, and participant feedback. Findings included potential improvements in relevant course content and educational delivery that promotes optimal student engagement. The insights discovered through this health initiative were valuable in their contribution to literature regarding health initiatives that target older adults and can help to relieve the threat of the Silver Tsunami against healthcare.

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