Date of Award

Spring 2019

Degree Type



School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

Director of Thesis

Dr. Sandra K Strick

Second Reader

Dr. Francisco J. Sanchez


The Spanish wine scene is incredibly diverse, and an immense number of different wines are made in the country. Likewise, Spain is incredibly rich in culture, with a wide array of languages, histories, cultures, and cuisines found throughout the nation. The sheer number and variety of Spanish wines and the incredible variety of cultures found in Spain may be daunting to the uninitiated. Thus, a guide to Spanish wine and culture, which not only details the two but links them, as well, may prove very helpful to the Spanish wine newcomer or perhaps even a sommelier.

This thesis-guide was compiled through the research of the various Denominaciones de Origen of Spain, the history of Spain, the regions of Spain and their individual histories and cultures, and, of course, the many, many wines of Spain. The regions’ wines and cultures were then compared to determine if they reflect each other, influence each other, or are otherwise intertwined. One wine from each of the seven regions was then selected, summarized, and paired with a traditional dish from the wine’s region.

The wines from each autonomía and region are highly intertwined with the cultures of their respective regions. Each wine reflects its region’s climate, geography, and cuisine, of course, but it also reflects its region’s history, culture, uniqueness, and even its political attitudes.

While Spain has a very old vinicultural history, it is just now being ‘discovered’ by much of the world. This thesis aims to serve as a guide to those who may want to learn more about Spain’s wines, cultures, or both. Spain’s diverse wines are a form of expression for its equally diverse cultures, and this thesis intends to capture their intricate and unique relationships.

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