Date of Award

Spring 2018

Degree Type



Biomedical Engineering

Director of Thesis

Hope Holt

Second Reader

Kevin Tabury


Pulse Oximeters provide a convenient, non-invasive method to quickly gather information about a patient's pulse rate (PR) and arterial blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). Many pulse oximeters lack alert systems that notify caregivers if a patient's readings go outside the healthy range, and pulse oximeters that have these mechanisms are significantly more expensive. This project set out to write a program using LabVIEW that collects pulse oximeter data via Bluetooth and generates an alert when readings persist in the abnormal range for more than fifteen seconds. Due to privacy laws that allow pulse oximeter manufacturers to not disclose the MAC addresses for their devices, a BioRadio was used as an intermediate device to communicate with the program. Ultimately this project serves as a proof of concept for using LabVIEW to code programs that continuously monitor biomedical sensors and generate alerts.

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