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Spring 1999



Interlibrary Loan Department Opens Doors to Libraries Worldwide..... p.1

Transforming the Learning Environment: Distance Education Course Development..... p.2

Advantages of Teaching Via Distance Education..... p.3

My Perspective as a Distance Educator..... p.4

Year 2000 Update..... p.5

Thomas Cooper Library Receives $1 Million Gift..... p.5

New Faces..... p.5

Thomas Cooper Society Co-Sponsors Dos Passos Symposium, Exhibit..... p.5

South Caroliniana Library Collects South Carolina Postcards..... p.6

"Accessing the Emerging South" Project Opens Two New Collections for Research..... p.7

Music Library Receives Unique Music Education Collection..... p.8

IT Bulletin: Web-based Monthly Updates on CS Projects and Services..... p.8

Information Technology Training Offers New Facilities, New Program..... p.9

Springs Business Library Offers New Resources..... p.9

Thomas Cooper Society Presents Medal, Book Collecting Awards..... p.10

News Briefs..... p.10

Film Library Conducts MovieTone Newsfilm Inspection..... p.10

Thomas Cooper Library Rises in ARL Ranking..... p.10



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Patrick Scott

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