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Spring 2002



In Memoriam, George D. Terry, 1950-2001
Library Receives Major American Literature Collection
Holtz Library Endowment Announced
South Caroliniana Library Opens Long-awaited Laurens Exhibit
DEIS Artist Creates Bicentennial Web-page Visuals SciFinder Scholar Installed in TCL's Science Library
Hemingway and the Thirties
Thomas Cooper Society Donates Rare WWI Poetry Books
Library Receives Jules Furthman Screenplay Archive
Audubon Exhibit
Memorial Gift for Prof. James W. Oliver
Special Collections on the Web
News from the Roy Collection
Library Exhibits Rare Bradbury Collection
Map Library Acquisitions Endowment Established
Graduate Assistantship Honors Music Librarian
University Libraries Endowments
Ex Libris Society
Payne Endowment Funds Purchase of Castelnuovo-Tedesco Scores
USC's Modern Political Collections Called "Model Program"
Carlisle Floyd Collection Receives New Materials
South Caroliniana Library Hosts Scholars
Francis Lieber Exhibit
Film Library Receives New Support
USC Offers Preservation Training for SC Librarians and Archivists
DEIS Artist Creates Bicentennial Web-page Visuals
Distance Education Professor Wins Distinguished Credit Program Award
Cooperative CE Nursing Course Receives Award
Satellite Links Installed at National Advocacy Center
Gratefully Giving Back: DEIS Remembers the Veterans for the Holidays
National Resource Center Announces 2002 Teleconferences Series
Ex Libris Ceases Publication
New Faces: Darrick Hart
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