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Spring 1992


The items listed in this catalogue were almost all taken from the G. Ross Roy Collection of the University of South Carolina's Special Libraries Division. As the reader may be aware, collecting the works of MacDiarmid is made particularly difficult because there is no bibliography, or even checklist, of his complete works. Dr. W. R. Aitken has produced a useful list of books by or edited by MacDiarmid, but much of his work is to be found only in the periodicals and books to which he contributed. While particular attention was paid to works entirely by MacDiarmid in the selection of works to be displayed, the Roy Collection is rich also in works edited by MacDiarmid, or to which he wrote introductions or contributed essays or poems. It contains virtually the whole of the MacDiarmid canon, with significant variant issues of major works. and two important series of presentation inscriptions of books presented by MacDiarmid to his wife, Valda Trevlyn, and to Ross and Lucie Roy.


This catalog accompanied the Spring 1992-Fall 1993 USC Libraries exhibit, Hugh MacDiarmid: The Thorn on Scotland's Rose. The exhibit was drawn from the Libraries' G. Ross Roy Collection, was mounted to commemorate the centenary of the poet's birth on August 11, 1892, and is dedicated to Dr. Roy and to his wife, Lucie, as an expression of The Libraries' gratitude for their continuing generosity.