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Foreward.....p. i
Table of Contents.....p. ii
Introduction.....p. 1
An Excerpt From A Narrative of De Soto's Expedition Based on the Diary of Rodrigo Ranjel, His Private Secretary, Translated by Edward Gaylord Bourne.....p. 6
An Excerpt From Relation of the Conquest of Florida Presented by Luys Hernandez de Biedma in the year 1544 to the King of Spain in Council, Translated by Buckingham Smith.....p. 11
An Excerpt From True Relation of the Vicissitudes That Attended the Governor Don Hernando De Soto and Some Nobles of Portugal in the Discovery of the Province of Florida by Fidalgo of Elvas, Translated by Buckingham Smith.....p. 13
The Hernando De Soto Expedition: From Apalachee to Chiaha, by Charles Hudson, Marvin T. Smith, and Chester B. DePratter.....p. 18
Three Sixteenth Century Spanish Chronicles Relating to Georgia, by Herbert E. Ketcham.....p. 29
The Route of Juan Pardo's Explorations in the Interior Southeast, 1566-1568, by Chester B. DePratter, Charles Hudson, and Marvin T. Smith.....p. 37
Sixteenth Century European Trade in the Southeastern United States: Evidence from the Juan Pardo Expeditions, 1566-1568, by Chester B. DePratter and Marvin T. Smith.....p. 52


This issue is volume 19, numbers 1-4 (January-December 1987).

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