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Savanah River Survey Project Begins..... p.1
Have Funding, Will Dive !..... p.1
Filling in Those Forms..... p.2
Weekend Licenses..... p.2
From the Reports..... p.3
New Season Starts for Cooper, Waccamaw River Projects..... p.4
Comments and Ideas Solicited for Manual Update, Please..... p.4
Avocational Underwater Archaeologist of the Year and Research Associates..... p.4
Archaeology versus Collecting: A Diver's Perspective..... p.6
Step 1 in Photography for the Hobby Diver..... p.7
South Carolina Shipbuilding in the Age of Sail - Part 1..... p.8


The Goody Bag was the first of the newsletters that have been published for the Hobby Diver-licensed sport divers and for those interested in the underwater past of South Carolina by the Maritime Research Division of the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of South Carolina (July 1990-February 1995).

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