Training Library Professionals to Teach: A Study of New Jersey Train-The-Trainer

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For 17 years (1995-2012) the New Jersey Train-the-Trainer (NJTTT) taught information professionals how to teach and train their colleagues and patrons. The initial program was partially funded by Title III LSCA funds, with additional funding provided by the State Library. With between 15-25 participants per session, it is estimated that NJTTT strengthened the local and national library workforce by training more than 350 information professionals. The trickle-down effect of these 350 trainers has not yet been measured. This research study surveyed and interviewed NJTTT graduates, with the goal of ascertaining the program’s effect on their careers and their organizations. The program prepared library professionals for instruction responsibilities, conference presentations, and for promotions within their organizations and the profession. The NJTTT program has had lasting effects on the library community and is a prime example of library professionals taking charge of their careers and using their skills to strengthen the profession.

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Cooke, N. A. and Beckett, E. (2016). Training library professionals to teach: A study of New Jersey Train-The-Trainer. iConference 2016 Proceedings.