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Analyses of North American LIS program alumni survey data indicate that the completion of any end of program assessment (EPA) or capstone is associated with certain early-career success measures. Using data collected in the Workforce Issues in Library and Information Science 2 project (WILIS 2), we examined the type of EPAs (internships, portfolios, theses, etc.) completed by students and assessed whether there are relationships between their completion and the following outcomes: length of time to secure employment after graduation, acquisition of managerial or leadership roles, job/ career satisfaction, and participation in professional and leadership activities. We also assessed the graduates’ attitudes about whether these experiences were a beneficial part of their career preparation. These results should be of interest to faculty curriculum developers and program administrators in LIS programs worldwide, since they provide insight into the relative merits of EPAs and are based on aggregate data from 39 programs and over 3,000 graduates.

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Rathbun-Grubb, S. (2016). End of Program Assessments and their Association with Early Career Success in LIS. Journal Of Education For Library And Information Science, 57(1), 43-56. doi: 10.3138/jelis.57.1.43