Political obstacles to change in criminal justice agencies: An interorganizational perspective

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This monograph presents the process of criminal justice change with emphasis on the interaction between operating agency heads and officials and groups attempting to act as agents of change. This publication is one of a series of nine monographs extracted from the Proceedings of the Fourth National Symposium on Law Enforcement Science and Technology held May 1-3, 1972 in Washington, DC. The collection of papers includes discussions of efforts of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration to introduce systematic change into the criminal justice system by means of the pilot and impact cities programs. The development, goals, and problems encountered in these programs are delineated. Two authors describe the obstacles to change brought about by the influence of interorganizational as well as interpersonal relationships. Also included are the symposium plenary addresses by R. McGee and A. Bilek, which summarize recent criminal justice achievements and suggest future directions of effort to expand and continue the achievement pattern