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Winter 1970

Table of Contents

SBA Inaugurates Research Service For Scholarships

1969-70 Student Bar Association Officers

Bar Meets At Hilton Head, by Joe Wilson

Gavel Raps Editorial Board

The Financial Plight of Legal Education

What Can Be Done

Letters to the Editor

Dean Figg Urges Change With Time

State Bar Endorses New Law School

New Curriculum Promotes Practicality

Student Bar President's Report, by Carl B. Epps, III

Faculty Presents Case For New Law Building

A.C.L.U. President Addresses Students, by George W. Cox, Jr.

Legislative Council Approves Hoods

Prince Court

International Law Society Hosts Banquet

Law School Co-Sponsors Legal Service Conference

Proposed New Law School

Freshman Score Football Victory

Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Delta Phi

Christmas Dance

Lecturer Evaluates Library as Being "Excellent, but..."

Law School Needs Placement Program, by Speros D. Homer, Jr.

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