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Amanda Davis

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Hasta la vista, ‘Sandstorm’ ; Demand for usage fees leads to loss of popular fight song; students vote on replacement; RUSSELL HOUSE WELCOMES BAR; Second-floor renovation includes drinking spot, concert venue on campus; Five Points to start scanning IDs; New system will crack down on underage drinking, forging of state-issued identification; Stop trash talking or the puppies die; Cocky gets his chance to speak out to the student body; hear what he’s had pent up for 30 years; Cocky’s arguments stem from poor logic; attempts at discussion prove fowl finally too big for his beak; Universal veterninary care next step in momumental legislation; Bible’s true meaning debated; Students learn how to dress for success; Senior honored by annual title; CARAVAN UNDER REVIEW; Congress bill ideas better off with EPA; Small businesses key to economy; Committees let students voice issues; Drive to succeed dreams overcomes excuses; 5 April Fools’ pranks we’re obsessing about this week; DUMB AND DUMBER; ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT; Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; The Office; Prank War; ‘Fringe’ breaks away from TV clichés; PALIN NABS FOX SERIES; Bone abruptly departs USC program; Staley blindsided by freshman’s decision to leave team after just one season playing in Columbia; Norwood, others compete in Pro Day; Gamecocks display skills for NFL Scouts prior to draft; RAZICK EXCELS IN FIRST YEAR WITH TRACK, FIELD; Walk-on makes early impact, strides with South Carolina; Lebowski to get sequel; Cult classic sees return of writers, cast in new installment; Rob, Gaga today’s fashion icons; Pantless, grungy looks in for this season; showers not necessary to style; Movie manners: do, don’t rules for any fi lm; Sad state of cinema etiquette no longer tolerable, left in shambles by lack of tact; Movie Etiquette; 1. DO SHOUT ADVICE TO CHARACTERS ON SCREEn; 2. DO HAVE YOUR PHONE OUT DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE MOVIE; 3. DO PROVIDE THE THEATER WITH YOUR RUNNING COMMENTARY; 4. DO NOT SIT QUIETLY AND OBSERVE

The Daily Gamecock, THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 2010