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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Protesters descend upon Jena; La.; Racially charged court case draws out-of-state attention; coverage; Residents meet at State House for night of somber prayer; solidarity; Huckabee speaks to students; Former Arkansas governor fields questions on war; healthcare; other candidates; Students need to get up; get out in town; Save seats for real fans; football not for everyone; Non-fans should go home on game day; not bring books; whiny complaints; Illegal immigrants in college not fair; UF police used force properly on student; Cops should only use weapons in defense; Bigots; slanderers bring hate to campus; Woodcock; predictable at best; High prices still hinder shopaholics’ designer itch; Buying Gucci bags; Prada shoes not cost effective; smart for ‘regular folks’; Rilo Kiley changes pace; Music group takes on new sound with debut of ‘Blacklight’; New Pornographers release tasteful album; Challengers; offers fans music suitable for all age groups; Women’s soccer faces in-state rivals; Carolina’s 7-0-0 start best in team history; ranked No. 7; RETURNING; TO GLORY; Spurrier looks to uphold his winning reputation in South Carolina; make Gamecocks national contender; Football polls not final answer; National rankings filled with mistakes; more fun than fact as season remains in its early stages; Carolina kicker looks to kick his way into national spotlight; Volleyball team hopes for rebound weekend in Southern matches; Equestrian opens 2007 fall season on Saturday vs. TCU; Elite’ Mattern leads women’s soccer team to record 7-0-0 start; Gamecocks perfectly happy as underdogs

The Daily Gamecock, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2007